Both taxis and private hire chauffeured vehicles have been popular for many years. However, in recent years it would seem that chauffeured vehicles are becoming the more popular solution for many. This is not to say that taxis are by any means redundant as they will always be ideal for many especially for those requiring a flexible service as they can be booked last minute and often have a far larger fleet of vehicles compared to private chauffeur hired vehicles. However, for businesses, airport transfers and VIP clients wanting to make an impression or travel in style, private chauffeur hire is the ideal alternative to using taxis.

Reliability & safety

Whether you are planning a business or personal trip, a meeting or even attending an event, your transport is crucial for many reasons. Firstly you will want to be on time and prompt no matter what the occasion may be. With a pre-booked chauffeur service you will receive a dedicated vehicle and driver who will always ensure you are where you need to be at the right time. They will have extensive knowledge of the area and will have pre-planned a route as well as back up routes should the worst happen.

Safety is something else you can count on when using a private chauffeur service. Recent incidents with fake taxi drivers assaulting passengers has made people think twice about their safety when it comes to transport. By using a private chauffeur you can be certain you are getting into a safe vehicle and not an unlicensed taxi. As a result many are now choosing to be chauffeur driven to events and nights out regardless of whether they are a VIP or not.

Style & Luxury

Chauffeur driven vehicles offer a luxurious and stylish transport solution that cannot be rivalled by taxis. You can travel in complete comfort in a reliable, clean and safe vehicle with a professional driver who will deliver you door to door as well as taking care of your luggage and anything else you may need assistance with.

For businesses, chauffeurs are a must have travel solution over taxis. When it comes to looking after visiting clients, they give a far better impression to your clients. You can leave your clients feeling looked after, pampered and cared for with a dedicated chauffeur during their stay. As well as being ideal for clients, a private chauffeur is also the ideal way to travel to and from meetings especially for long distance journeys. You can relieve yourself of the stress of travelling and sit back and relax whilst someone else takes that worry on for you leaving you to arrive at your meeting relaxed, calm and refreshed.

There really is no better way to travel the UK than with a privately hired chauffeured vehicle.