A chauffeur service is a unique service, and one that differs from others kinds of car hire services such as taxi companies or Uber. It requires a different level of training and etiquette, and some chauffeur services, such as our own, ensure to only take drivers on who we know will go the extra mile.

There are many different rules and regulations that are required by a chauffeur, some that you may know and some that you may not be aware of. Below we have listed out in more detail what kind of training chauffeurs have.

What are the entry requirements for becoming a chauffeur?

As listed on the National Careers Service website, there are several entry requirements that a chauffeur must meet. They must, of course, have a full UK driving licence and several years of driving experience too. We look for at least four years of experience with all of our drivers.

We also look for extra road and driver training when it comes to our chauffeurs, with courses such as the Advanced Driving Test provided by agencies such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

We don’t have a rigid set of guidelines that we follow every single time, but we look for drivers with past experience, who are friendly and can convey professionalism. Our clients and customers expect a much higher level of transport, and we need drivers that can deliver that each and every day.

chauffeur service

We fully train and vet all of our drivers before sending them out on the road

What are the skills that are required from a chauffeur service?

The skills required to become a chauffeur are as follows:

  • Excellent driving and customer service skills
  • Punctuality and good time-keeping
  • Some basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance
  • Excellent knowledge of the roads and the laws that govern them
  • Quick thinking to deal with delays or other problems

What extra etiquette are chauffeur drivers expected to have and deliver?

Chauffeur services are expected to provide an extra level of service when it comes to delivering their passengers from A to B. They are expected to dress smart, typically in a clean black suit, and generally maintain a quiet demeanour during the journey.

The chauffeur is to be fully focused on the passenger at all times, and this goes as far as to mean they don’t wear sunglasses (unless it’s really sunny!) as it creates a physical barrier between the driver and the passenger.

The chauffeur must always walk around the back of the car to gain access to the driving seat, and you’ll find that chauffeurs won’t always socialise with other chauffeurs should you be parked up.

While some of these points may seem small and insignificant, it all helps to add to a feel of professionalism, courtesy, and that the driver you booked is your own and fully focused on you.

What typical day tasks are expected of a chauffeur?

Obviously a chauffeur service is expected to take you from your pickup point to destination smoothly, but what else is required of a chauffeur?

  • They’ll help you with your luggage and bags
  • They’ll assist you with getting in and out of the vehicle
  • They can provide journey, route, and geographical information
  • They’ll keep the vehicle clean and well maintained, thoroughly checking it before each job

On top of this, the job will vary depending on the individual requirements of the passengers; there are many different requests that we can fulfil, just ask!

What other services do we provide at Field Chauffeur Services?

On top of the rigorous training that we provide to our chauffeurs, we also offer tours and event transportation with our premium fleet of executive cars. If you want to find out more, just get in contact with us.


Image credit: Clem Onojeghuo and Bogdan Emelyanov