Why might you need to use a chauffeur service? Many of our first-time customers commonly have hesitations when it comes to hiring a chauffeur service. They ask why they shouldn’t just go for a standard taxi company or even why they shouldn’t just make the drive themselves! Below we’ve laid out the benefits that chauffeuring has over driving yourself.

Using a chauffeur service allows you to be more productive

There’s a common misconception that using a chauffeur service could be seen as lazy, as in many cases the client could drive from A to B themselves. And perhaps you’re telling yourself that you could do the same. But, using a chauffeur service allows you to put your less important tasks (the driving), to one side, so that you can focus on the things that are most important to you. Our fleet of executive cars are comfortable and designed for a smooth ride, and so are perfect for working out from.

Many of our clients are business people on the way to meetings, and use this luxury travel time to get ahead on some of their work for the day. Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination, so why not enjoy that journey?!

standard taxis

Chauffeur services offer more elegant looking cars than standard taxis

In the same breath, you don’t want to be thinking about driving on your wedding day or off to a big event; a chauffeur service allows you to focus on the day ahead.

Chauffeurs have an unrivalled knowledge of the road and its laws

We’re not saying you aren’t good drivers, but chauffeurs have to go through much more rigorous training and testing than the standard tests that normal drivers face. With this comes a heightened level of safety, a knowledge of the roads to rival any satnav, and the ability to quickly decide on an alternative route should there be any problems such as traffic.

A chauffeur service will make you look super stylish!

There can’t be any denying it; rocking up to a meeting or an event being driven by a smartly dressed driver oozes a sense of elegance and class. We know looks aren’t everything, but first impressions count, and a chauffeur service is a great way to deliver a lasting impression.

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