Whether you’re working for a private chauffeur hire company or are running your own chauffeuring business, you’ll need to ensure that you’re offering your clients the best service, standing out from the competition has to be a priority if you’re going to make it a success. The chauffeuring market is vast and varied but essentially clients are looking for the same things, a professional, well presented, trustworthy and knowledgeable chauffeur who can offer them a level of service that surpasses their expectations, giving them a travel experience like no other. However, not all chauffeurs out there know how to provide this type of service so we’ve put together some great tips to help!

Small changes make a large difference

Often it is the small things that can have a large impact on clients. There are certain things that all chauffeurs should be aware of whether they’re self employed or working for a business. They may seem like tiny details but if you fail to take note of them, you could be heading for disaster.

  • Appearance – Always remember that your idea of well dressed and a clients can differ greatly. It’s a good idea to follow tradition with a standard uniform of a white shirt, black suit and a tie as this should impress. However, the suit should be smart, not tatty in anyway and always look presentable.
  • Hygiene – Personal hygiene is paramount as a chauffeur. Always try to be clean-shaven and smelling fresh without over doing the aftershave/perfume. Every inch of your appearance should ooze cleanliness. It’s also a great idea to have mints on hand for fresh breath but never be eating one when talking to a client.
  • Smoking – Even if you’re a smoker, it is not advisable to do this whilst working, even whilst waiting for the client, unless you can completely remove the smell. The aroma of cigarettes can be very off putting.
  • Politeness – Always be polite when with a client, not just to the client but any person you encounter whilst working. Ensure you speak clearly and never use local slang or lingo as this can confuse clients.

The right vehicle for your service

As well as making sure that you personally, make the right impression on your clients, you also need to consider the services and vehicles you’re offering. When it comes to vehicles, keeping them clean inside and out is crucial, but also, never advertise a vehicle as something it is not as you will be just setting yourself up for a bad review. Ensure that if you advertise you can do an airport transport that you have a vehicle capable of carrying luggage in the boot and not inside the vehicle with the client, your vehicles should always be suitable for their purpose.

Also, consider small and low cost extras for your client’s journey in your vehicle, such as Wi-Fi access, newspapers or magazines of their choice and perhaps refreshments depending upon the length of the journey. Your aim should always be to make your client’s journey as comfortable as possible as well as memorable for all the right reasons.