Being a Chauffeur may seem like a relatively simple career, but it takes a certain type of person to have what it takes to make chauffeuring a real success. Whether you’re are a self employed chauffeur or are working for a chauffeuring business, it can be hard work and takes real commitment. There are various different aspects of chauffeuring from VIP and event chauffeuring to corporate and wedding chauffeuring and most businesses will require you to work in different situations with a variety of clients. You will be expected to perform to the highest levels of professionalism at all times so that standards are always met. So what kind of person does it take to become a successful and professional chauffeur?

Have you got what it takes?

It is fair to say that being a chauffeur does require a certain type of person with specific personality traits. Most chauffeurs will need to have;

  • A strong work ethic – You will need to be prepared for unpredictable hours.
  • Good people skills – You will be required to work with a variety of clients but will need to ensure you treat each and every client professionally and positively to make their experience memorable for all the right reasons.
  • Good communication skills – You will be required to communicate with both your clients but also with your employer to ensure that each and every job runs smoothly and without any incidents.
  • Problem solving – As a chauffeur you will be out on the road and will often be required to make on the spot decisions that result in the very best outcome for your clients journey. Planning the best route is your personal responsibility.
  • Time management – Your clients are relying on you to get them to where they need to be on time and in style with no stress. Your time management will therefore need to be spot on and lateness or disorganisation is not acceptable.
  • Pride in appearance – You and your vehicle will be the first impression that a client has of your chauffeuring business. As a result you need to maintain the highest levels of personal hygiene and dress as well as maintaining your vehicles cleanliness.

Many of our chauffeurs have a background or previous experience in the forces including ex-police officers. This is because the training they have received in the past is ideally transferred to a chauffeuring career. Understanding confidentiality, professionalism and security and safety are paramount to chauffeuring.

Chauffeuring success

So if you have the required attributes then chauffeuring could be the perfect career move for you. However, before you even consider starting your own chauffeuring business it is advisable to spend some time gaining experience in the industry first. Starting this kind of business from scratch requires a huge amount of cost and financing in order to make it a true success. Reputation is everything in this industry so it is important to always get it right the first time. If you have what it takes then chauffeuring can be a satisfying and rewarding job that can be enjoyed for many years.