We’ve got some great luxury chauffeur cars at Field Chauffeur Services but thought it would be fun to pick some cars that weren’t so great. Here is our list of the worst cars ever and we’d love to hear your choice too!

The Hummer

hummer-h2-safariPart-car, part-post apocalypse bunker, the Hummer has almost given motoring a bad name. Despite it many practical benefits, it has somehow come to represent the end of an era – a gas guzzling monster that sticks two fingers up to the environment and one finger less to anyone who wants to get in its way. Popular with barely recognisable rap stars and overpaid sports stars – need we say any more?

The Fiat Multipla

Fiat-Multipla_2002A shopping cart with bug eyes, the Fiat Multipla may have many great features but, strangely for an Italian car, looks were not one of them and it was hard to take anyone driving one seriously. It made Time magazine’s list of 50 Worst Cars of All Time describing it as “It had this weird proboscis out front and a bulky, glass cabin in back, and the whole thing was situated on dwarfish wheels.”

Diahatsu Move

Daihatsu_MoveJust one look should have been enough to convince car buyers to drive off in another direction. Even its own marketing campaign had to admit it was the Diahatsu Move was “Weird on the outside, clever on the inside,” – and in fact it was probably no worse than other Asian cars of the era but just looked a lot worse.

SsangYong Rodius

RodiusStupid name, stupid car and stupidier looks. If a car had been designed to use to train bus drivers before they take a full load of passengers then it would be this Korean monstrosity. It seemed to take pleasure in breaking all the rules of ergonomic design – and not in a good way. It actually managed to win an award for Best MPV Design in Thailand which probably explains their recent military coup.

Citroen 2CV

Citroen_2CVOK – it’s less about the car than the people who drove it. The ‘Save The Whale’ sticker was compulsory of later models as it became the car of choice for vegetarians, teachers, Greenham Common women and French people. It was actually manufactured from 1948 – 1990 and they still couldn’t get it right. From its weird suspension to its even weirder looks, the French supercar was a pain in the road for drivers over five decades.

Please let us hear your choice too!