If you’re familiar with private hire chauffeur vehicles then you may already know what the best vehicles on the market are for chauffeuring but for others it may come as a surprise. In the USA a familiar chauffeur vehicle might be a limousine, but it may surprise you to know that this is not a popular choice in the UK. Large vehicles such as limousines are difficult to manoeuvre around UK roads as well as being incredibly difficult to park.

So what makes an ideal chauffeur vehicle? Well this will depend upon what type of service you are looking for but there are a range of favoured vehicles from BMW’s to Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes S Class tops the chauffeur industry

In a recent survey carried out by ‘The Chauffeur‘, readers were asked to vote which vehicle they would choose for their chauffeur company. The results revealed a clear winner, the Mercedes Benz S Class, with 36 % of the vote, this is a popular model of vehicle amongst many chauffeurs across the UK. The S Class offers chauffeurs a versatile vehicle that is suitable for a range of areas, from corporate to VIP travel and even wedding transportation, especially the long based version.

From the outside the vehicle appears every part a luxury vehicle and from the inside it offers complete comfort. With leather seating, privacy glass, panoramic roofing allowing you exceptional views as well as on board internet access and much more. Mercedes has long been a favoured choice of chauffeurs and it is easy to see why.

What type of benefits to look for

As well as ensuring that your clients are comfortable and are receiving high standards of luxury, you will also want to search for a vehicle that benefits you. Mercedes Benz have designed services that offer some fantastic benefits to chauffeuring businesses. Their Chauffeur Service Care package is proving to be a popular add on when purchasing a Mercedes. As well as being able to spread the cost of your vehicle servicing and MOT’s, you can also benefit from extras such as 24 hour roadside assistance and recovery, routine service labour costs and parts as well as a range of payment options and plans.

Mercedes seem to have  clear understanding of the chauffeuring business and by choosing a Mercedes model, you could save yourself a fortune in the long run on service costs and spare parts. You can even go ahead and upgrade your service plan to Complete Chauffeur Care which again offers you a range of benefits.

So if you’re considering investing in a new vehicle for your chauffeuring business then Mercedes definitely offer great deals!