Behind every great driver is a great car (and solid training), and behind every great car is a list of great features. To further add to the great nature of your car, we’ve had a look at some of the best car accessories available on the market in 2017.

Dashboard cameras

Dashboard cameras have become increasingly more popular over recent years. Once perhaps only resigned to the dashboard of a police car, they are now cheaper and more accessible to the everyday driver. They have become a great way to protect you as the driver, especially when it comes to lengthy insurance debates and battles. This can be especially important when insurance scams are on the rise, and has saved many drivers from unnecessary court cases.

Drop stop

Keep dropping your phone down the side of the car, where it seems to be swallowed up by a black hole, never to be seen again? The drop stop will act as a nice little stopper, saving any of your belongings that would otherwise fall down.

Best car accessories 2017

Satnavs are already trusted and established car accessories

Heininger DashGrip

Or perhaps you would prefer to leave your items on the top of the dashboard, but find them launched into your lap every time that you brake? This handy DashGrip will hold all of your items in place with no adhesive required.

Car transmitters

These handy car transmitters are a great accessory with multiple different features. They can make hands-free calls, offer GPS voice navigation, allow you to charge your device and act as a radio transmitter. They’re a great addition to any car that they are placed in!


Rain-X is your one stop shop when it comes to protecting your car from the elements. With rain repellent and anti-fog properties, you can think of Rain-X as a sort of force field for your car’s windscreen.

iOttie car mount

The iOttie car mount is a car mount that keeps your phone in place wherever you put it. With an extendable arm, it works with all modern phones. Even those that are way too big.

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