Dash-cams are virtually unheard of in the UK but in the USA and Russia, these types of cameras have helped drivers to save themselves on not only their insurance but on fraudulent accident claims. There are a range of different dash-cams available on the market for drivers with most recording footage from both the front and rear of your vehicle which can be used in the event of an insurance claim being made following an accident. Drivers will deliberately cause an accident and make it appear your fault, for example flashing drivers to pull out of junctions and then crashing into them. This is just one of the latest accident scams drivers are pulling.

Can a dash-cam really help?

There are an average of 550,000 whiplash injury claims made per year in the UK, yet insurance companies estimate that as much as 60% of those claims are fraudulent. These fraudulent claims are causing insurance premiums to increase by an average of £90 per year per policy. For private hire drivers such as chauffeurs or taxi drivers, this kind of claim can cause them to lose their job as well as increasing the companies premiums. So can installing a dashboard camera really help to protect you?

If you choose to install a quality colour camera then yes they can save you thousands. Many fleets of vehicles are already choosing to install these handy cameras and are benefiting from being able to catch these ‘crash for cash’ criminals without any cost to them. With video evidence, there can be no disputing fault between drivers and no claims for whiplash from people who were not even in the vehicle. You can give your drivers added security when working that they are not going to be a victim of these fraudsters.

Dash-cams – a legal requirement?

The UK motoring and insurance industry are constantly complaining about the rocketing premiums being caused by fraudulent claims, yet nothing seems to be set in place to prevent these claims from happening. Dash-cams seem to be the obvious solution to an expensive problem, so why are they not a legal requirement for drivers?

Whilst there is no legal requirement at this time in the UK for dashboard cameras, there are now many businesses including chauffeurs, taxis companies and fleet vehicles installing dash-cams to give them complete protection from other drivers and to save them time and money.