We all know that a chauffeur service is a smooth and comfortable way of travelling, but is it also good for business? Many of our customers and clients are business people, both for large and small companies, and so, while we have touched on this subject before, we thought that we would delve further into the topic.

How VIP travel helps to keep you more productive

Businesses are all about numbers, output and input, and productivity. If you’re falling short in one of these areas then chances are you’re falling behind in your work too, and maybe even the business is suffering as a result.

A fairly new phenomenon that has become much more common in the age of connectivity is the process of outsourcing various parts of your work and life to keep you more productive. Perhaps made most famous by Tim Ferris in his book The 4-Hour Work Week, he talks of outsourcing the work that you don’t need to do so that you can focus on what you’re truly good at.


chauffeuring good for business

Using a chauffeur service will help you to focus on keeping your briefcase tidy and your business running smoothly!

If you rely on us at Field Chauffeur Services to be your executive car hire and business travel service, then you can outsource all of your transportation worries and just focus on your work at hand. We’ll pick you up and drop you off on time, make sure that you travel along the roads safely, make an impression with your clients, and provide a comfortable experience so that you can even work while you’re on the move.

Less stress and more time to keep focused on your work will help you to stay much more productive, therefore being beneficial to your business.

Making an impression with a chauffeur service

Much of business is all about making an impression, using negotiation tactics, and showing that you’re well established within the working world. Using an executive chauffeur service is a great way of doing this, and can really help to leave a lasting impression in the mind of any meeting you turn up to.

Better yet, if your client travels with you, they’ll get treated with the same luxury and professionalism that we show you. We can also fulfil many different requests that you may have to make sure we go the extra mile in leaving an impression.

What else is chauffeuring good for?

It’s not just business that a chauffeur service is good for; we’ve also had customers and clients for everything for travel from weddings to music events. If you want to make your travelling experience easier, smoother, and classier with a chauffeur car hire service, you can reach us here.


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