A recent survey by insurance providers Admiral provide a pretty grim insight into the life of the UK driver. Their survey of over 3000 motorists asked 100 searching questions about all aspects of life for the UK driver inn 2013 – covering the law, the environment and the driving test.

When it comes to the cost of driving the response was decisive: 72% strongly agreed with the proposition ‘I feel ripped off by the current cost of fuel’ with 57% blaming the government and 31% the petrol companies for the high cost of fuel. Over 50% of respondents had reduced the amount of motoring in an effort to lower these costs. And the future looks no brighter as 87% and 83% of those surveyed believed that fuel and insurance prices respectively will continue to rise.

But we Brits are stiff-upper-lip-types so only a small percentage feels that motoring has become more stressful in the previous 12 months.

Unsurprisingly, given the poor winter and reduced expenditure on roads by local authorities a massive 74% believed the state of roads was worse than 12 months before but there is little appetite to put their hands in their pocket to make things matter with just 22% willing to pay more in taxes to fix potholes and improve roads.

It would also appear that we are toughening our stance on road safety. There are large numbers in favour of banning eating whilst driving (48%), drinking whilst driving (45%) and smoking at the wheel (60%).

Relax with a chauffeur service

Some of the stresses and strains of driving can be alleviated by using a business chauffeur service. High quality vehicles will help smooth over the lumps and bumps of our highways and the service will certainly take the stress out of going from AtoB – allowing you plenty of time to make plan, make important calls or simply think.

You can even take advantage of wifi to keep in touch via email and internet – you can ensure presentations and proposals are up-to-date and you can keep on collaborating even as you speed towards those crucial business meetings.

And a business chauffeur service can be used for one or a group of business colleagues so work can continue whilst on the move.

The Admiral survey shows that life is not getting any easier for the UK motorist so looking at alternatives for crucial business activity is likely to a long-term option.