A common debate that rages in many industries and workplaces is on the dress code. Does it make a difference if you turn up to your desk in a suit? Should dress-down Fridays be a thing? Each and every industry has a different rule of conduct when it comes to how employees should dress, and each industry has its different reasons for doing so. Below we’ve looked into the dress code in the chauffeur service industry.

How is a chauffeur expected to dress?

With a chauffeur service, you are paying a premium for a premium service. And with this, you are expected to notice a difference to any old taxi that you have just hailed down on the street. Chauffeur services are often referred to as VIP travel or executive travel, and these terms give connotations of elegance, class, and style. So with this in mind, a chauffeur is expected to dress smartly and in a highly presentable way.

Generally, a chauffeur will wear a clean and crisp black suit with a tie and shoes to match, although some colour is acceptable too. A chauffeur isn’t usually meant to wear sunglasses unless the sun is bright enough to be disrupting their driving, as the wearing of sunglasses creates a depersonalised barrier between the chauffeur and the client.

improper chauffeur uniform

You probably wouldn’t expect your chauffeur to turn up wearing this!

Why should a chauffeur dress this way?

It is highly likely that it will be celebrities or business people off to important meetings that are using a chauffeur service; absolutely everything must look the part. We’re sure that a client wouldn’t be too impressed if you were being driven about in an executive car by a guy wearing tracksuits! Of course, the most important thing when using a chauffeur service is the safety and the style that the executive travel brings you. But some of that style comes from your chauffeur looking the part, to match whatever style we’re sure you’ll bring to the journey!

You see waiters and waitresses dressing smartly in nice restaurants, and many workplaces with important meetings generally have those attending in suits, although this is changing with the new tech startup world! However, this kind of change that we’re seeing in workplaces is unlikely to take place in the chauffeur industry. You choose a chauffeur service for the style it provides, there are always alternatives, such as standard taxis, if you’re looking for a cheaper (and less stylish) ride!

Want to know more about the chauffeur service that we provide?

Having our chauffeurs dress smart for their executive travel is just one service that we provide, if you’d like to know more about Field Chauffeur Services or our executive chauffer vehicles, get in contact with us here.


Image credit: Kaique Rocha